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koo i noor

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Find the right things for your children. Get inspired. Create a masterpiece. Get down to it. Get organized. Give a present to your loved ones.

Visit our E-shop. Over 3, products for your creativity. Go to E-shop.According to Hindu belief, it was revered by gods like Krishna—even though it seemed to carry a curse, if the luck of its owners was anything to go by.

The gem, which would come to be known as the Koh-i-Noor Diamond, wove its way through Indian court intrigues before eventually ending up in the British Crown Jewels by the mids.


But according to historians Anita Anand and William Dalrymple, that geologist got it all wrong. And the true history has its share of drama.

All the romance, all the blood, all the gore, all the bling.

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But beneath the drama of the diamond is a more serious question that still has no clear answer: How should modern nations deal with a colonial legacy of looting? To understand where the diamond came from—and whether it could ever go back—requires diving into the murky past, when India was ruled by outsiders: the Mughals. Most of the gemstones were alluvial, meaning they could be sifted out of river sands, and rulers of the subcontinent embraced their role as the first diamond connoisseurs.

Turco-Mongol leader Zahir-ud-din Babur came from Central Asia through the Kyber Pass located between modern-day Afghanistan and Pakistan to invade India inestablishing the Islamic Mughal dynasty and a new era of infatuation with gemstones. The Mughals would rule northern India for years, expanding their territory across nearly all of present-day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and eastern Afghanistan, all the while reveling in the mountains of gemstones they inherited and pillaged.

InMughal ruler Shah Jahan commissioned a magnificent, gemstone-encrusted throne. The bejeweled structure was inspired by the fabled throne of Solomon, the Hebrew king who figures into the histories of Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

The True Story of the Koh-i-Noor Diamond—And Why the British Won’t Give It Back

As court chronicler Ahmad Shah Lahore writes in his account of the throne:. On top of each pillar there were to be two peacocks thick set with gems, and between each of the two peacocks a tree set with rubies and diamonds, emeralds and pearls.

Among the many precious stones that adorned the throne were two particularly enormous gems that would, in time, become the most valued of all: the Timur Ruby—more highly valued by the Mughals because they preferred colored stones—and the Koh-i-Noor diamond.

koo i noor

The diamond was lodged at the very top of the throne, in the head of a glistening gemstone peacock. For a century after the creation of the Peacock Throne, the Mughal Empire retained its supremacy in India and beyond.

It was the wealthiest state in Asia; Delhi, the capital city, was home to 2 million people, more than London and Paris combined. But that prosperity attracted the attention of other rulers in Central Asia, including Persian ruler Nader Shah. When Nader invaded Delhi inthe ensuing carnage cost tens of thousands of lives and the depletion of the treasury.Originally a lumpy Mughal-cut stone that lacked fire and weighed carats, it was recut to enhance its fire and brilliance to a Some sources note that the first references to the diamond, which later became known as the Koh-i-noor, appeared in Sanskrit and possibly even Mesopotamian texts as early as bcebut this claim is controversial.

On the annexation of the Punjab inthe Koh-i-noor was acquired by the British and was placed among the crown jewels of Queen Victoria.

The Koh-i-noor remains part of this crown. Article Media.


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He then attacked the Uzbeks around the cities of Bukhara and Khiva; his empire had reached its furthest expansion and rivaled the territorial extent of the ancient Iranian empires. Diamonda mineral composed of pure carbon. It is the hardest naturally occurring substance known; it is also the most popular gemstone. Because of their extreme hardness, diamonds have a number of important industrial applications. History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Dayevery day in your inbox!

CURSED Jewelry That Could Kill You

Email address. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. More About.Manual designers depended on the clean lines and easy to fill pens before computer generated graphics became the mainstay of engineering and architectural work. Today, our pens are still sought after by both artists and designers who aim to bring the life and immediacy that makes hand drawn work so remarkable. Our precision technical pen work scans easily, and offers a clean rendering to be incorporated into digital work such as hand lettering, comics, and more.

These pens work best on a smooth surface as textured surfaces may cause the finer nib sizes to skip.

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Replacement points are available for all pen sizes. Alternative tungsten carbide nibs are twice as strong as steel and are available in sizes 3x0, 00, 0. The pen also features a white plastic barrel with a refillable ink reservoir pens do not come filled with inkand a color-coded cap for nib selection.

The double-seal cap is air-tight to keep the nib from drying out. Each pen is identified by a standard nib size or by its line width expressed in millimeters. A chart is available for the nib size, inch, and millimeter equivalent for each pen size in the pen care PDF. If an alternative ink is used, it may clog or damage the pen depending on the ink's formulation.Stay Inspired.

Inspiring One Another. Our artists inspire us to push boundaries, dream deeper, and work harder to create meaningful art products.

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Anna Hammer Anna's work ranges from fashion to portraiture. She is a master of mixed media using unique combinations of colored pencil, marker, pastel, and paint for vibrant and captivating pieces.

Ashly Lovett Ashly's work is both mysterious and ethereal. She uses pastel as an extension of her imagination to blend and blur the lines between the romantic and the uncanny. Deborah Friedman As a colored pencil artist Deborah uses the unique qualities of transparency and pigment to build layers of color that results in tightly rendered, realistic images that explore the natural world.

Lucas Ruggieri Exquisite detail is the hallmark of Lucas' work. He is a master of the technical pen, his ink renderings are as complex as the subject matter of his art. Lucas explores the human condition, mortality, and the darker edges of social realities.

Ranjini Venkatachari Ranjini's vibrant colored pencil work is inspired by her roots in India. Her realistic renderings of nature and art objects are both colorful and layered with subtext. Bryce Widom Bryce explores the intricate connections between the outer world and the inner experience. Downloadable Resources.

koo i noor

Download color charts, product information and more through our resource library.Possibly mined in Kollur MineIndia, during the period of the Kakatiya dynastythere is no record of its original weight — but the earliest well-attested weight is old carats metric carats or The diamond was part of the Mughal Peacock Throne.

It changed hands between various factions in south and west Asia, until being ceded to Queen Victoria after the British annexation of the Punjab in Originally, the stone was of a similar cut to other Mughal-era diamonds, like the Darya-i-Noorwhich are now in the Iranian Crown Jewels.

Init went on display at the Great Exhibition in London, but the lacklustre cut failed to impress viewers. Prince Alberthusband of Queen Victoria, ordered it to be re-cut as an oval brilliant by Coster Diamonds. By modern standards, the culet point at the bottom of a gemstone is unusually broad, giving the impression of a black hole when the stone is viewed head-on; it is nevertheless regarded by gemologists as "full of life".

Because its history involves a great deal of fighting between men, the Koh-i-Noor acquired a reputation within the British royal family for bringing bad luck to any man who wears it.

Since arriving in the UK, it has only been worn by female members of the family. It was transferred to the Crown of Queen Mary inand finally to the Crown of Queen Elizabeth later known as the Queen Mother in for her coronation as Queen consort.

Today, the diamond is on public display in the Jewel House at the Tower of Londonwhere it is seen by millions of visitors each year. The governments of India, Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan have all claimed rightful ownership of the Koh-i-Noor and demanded its return ever since India gained independence from the UK in The British government insists the gem was obtained legally under the terms of the Last Treaty of Lahore and has rejected the claims.

Shah Jahanthe fifth Mughal emperor, had the stone placed into his ornate Peacock Throne. Inhis son and successor, Aurangzebconfined the ailing emperor to Agra Fort.

While in the possession of Aurangzeb, it was allegedly cut by Hortense Borgia, a Venetian lapidaryreducing the weight of the large stone to carats Following the invasion of Delhi by Nadir Shahthe Afsharid Shah of Persiathe treasury of the Mughal Empire was looted by his army in an organised and thorough acquisition of the Mughal nobility's wealth.

After Nadir Shah was killed and his empire collapsed inthe Koh-i-Noor fell to his grandson, who in gave it to Ahmad Shah Durranifounder of the Afghan Empirein return for his support.

Ranjit Singh had the diamond examined by jewelers of Lahore for two days to ensure that Shuja had not tricked him. After the jewelers confirmed its genuineness, he donatedrupees to Shuja. Ranjit Singh then asked the principal jewelers of Amritsar to estimate the diamond's value; the jewelers declared that the value of the diamond was "far beyond all computation".Authentic Indian Takaway.

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koo i noor

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